Oaks planted and self set

"Naturalness is whatever occurs between human interventions." Richard Mabey (The Ash and the Beech)
Young oak with marble gall - interaction between plant and animal occurs at an early stage
Naturally regenerating woodland at Holders; from acorns probably planted by Jays. These trees are likely to contribute to prime Oak woodlands but alas way beyond our life time 
These self set oaks range between 1 year and 40-50 years
In Contrast the 'Millennium Oak' Plantation at Highbury (circa 2000)
The debate here concerns the planting and /or natural development of new woodland. I believe it was Richard Mabey (source to be verified) who said that most planted trees are 'planted in the wrong place', and I take this to mean that a planted tree is unlikely to do as well over a long term as a naturally occurring tree, grown as it stands from seed. Who knows? difficult to say for certain how long a tree can be expected to live. There is a life expectancy for all living things and this depends on many variable factors.
This table from the above publication considers the pros and cons of introducing plants to new woodland - decisions have to be made and either way it's not clear cut.


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