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2014 Bird Box results

CENTENARY WOODLAND Cannon Hill Park Species Box Outcome ------------------------ Box 131 - BLUE TIT - 7 eggs laid, 5 hatched, 5 fledged:------------------ Box 133 - BLUE TIT - 9 eggs laid, 6 hatched, 6 fledged:------------------- Box 135 - BLUE TIT - 8 eggs laid, 6 hatched, 5 fledged:---------------------- Box 137 - BLUE TIT - 11 eggs laid, 9 hatched, 9 fledged:------------------ Occupancy: 40% TOTAL = 35 eggs, 26 hatchlings, 25 fledglings -------------------------------- 40% occupancy may be considered disappointing compared to other sites within our region, namely Cowley Road Recreation Ground = 60%, Holders Lane = 100%, and Selly Oak Recreation Ground = 50%. But look at BOX 137, 9 fledglings! There are other boxes within Centenary Woods but we have no record of occupancy. Combined with the above data we also have details of the first ringing day at Centenary Woodland on 7th September -------------- GREAT TIT - X21 CAUGHT WITH X15 NEW BIRDS AND X6 RE-TRAP---------…

Forest School Trainees visit CW

Forest Schoolers at Centenary Woods

Sam travelled from Halifax, arising at 4.30 am, the others came from Brum and gathered at Centenary Woods to talk and practice Forest School. 6th September 2014.

It's always interesting to meet new Forest School practitioners, the enthusiasm is infectious and satisfying to us 'old boys' and girls, as they absorb the finest detail regarding their newly acquired skills, keen to position the billhook the correct way or carry the loppers the FS way.

One tends to get a bit blasÄ— after a while, slightly tired of the minute details involved in describing a bowsaw - "this is a bowsaw, this is the blade, this is the handle.........blah blah". But how arrogant of me, this tried and tested method ensures that children as young as 5, or less, can be taught to use tools, such as lopper and bowsaw, correctly, safely and methodically thus enabling them to approach the world at an early age with acquired skills, knowledge and confidence - eno…