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Good Deed Day at Centenary Woodland

Aston University dead hedging

Moving through you one evening
When you offered shelter to
quiet things soaked in rain

I saw through your thinning branches
the beginnings of suburbs, and
frightened by the rain,

grey hares running upright in
distant fields; and quite alone there
I thought of nothing but my footprints

being filled, and love, distilled
of people, drifted free, then
the woods spoke with me

Brian Patten
Summary for the ringing session 6th February 2014 at Centenary (RSPB) Woodland - Cannon Hill Park:

 Blue Tit - 4 New, 7 Retrap;

 Great Tit - 1 New, 3 Retrap;

 Nuthatch - 2 New, 1 Retrap;

 Bullfinch - 1 New, 1 Retrap;

 Coal Tit - 2 Retrap;

 Robin - 2 New; Blackbird - 1 New;

 TOTAL - 11 New, 14 Retrap;

 Low numbers possibly due to warm weather conditions and birds not using the feeders

URBAN Bird Study flyer


Tree Felling Training Day with Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trust People and Wildlife Service or B&BCWTPAWS


Ringing day was quiet

Oliver Rackham "People notice the sudden felling of trees but not their gradual growth" and "an ash is less like a pine than a dog is like a fish"