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Bird boxes and ringing projects and other activity updates


The woodland as a whole is developing nicely and the benefits of last year's NIA work should be evident during the next few weeks.
The Primroses are currently in flower and the Opposite Leaved Golden Saxifrage alongside the Yellow Pimpernel seem to be thriving likewise.

In parts, especially in the hazel coppice (last cut 2011) Cow Parsley is providing verdant carpets soon to display their carroty flowers; a notable line occurs around the Scots Pine plantation wherein light meets shade and the Cow Parsley patch abruptly ends.

The woodland, particularly at this stage (merely 26 years), changes its character year on year and is a continuing crafting exploit, with coppicing and coppice regrowth together with new planting adding to the overall fabric, whilst new worn paths and other activities add further dimensions beyond the purely physical. More dog walkers are using the site and there is evidence of periodic yet temporary settlement in the form of empty drinks cans, bottles,…