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Woodlands, Trees and Tree People

Woodlands, Trees and Tree People

The woodlands are active again with leaf burst and birdsong heralding a new year, although at Holders Woods 'Down To Earth' it never ceases or even slows down, with up to 80 people gathering every Monday morning. All ages enjoy the setting, the social connectivity, the activities and the wonderful cohesive mix of families from Birmingham and beyond.

There's always a buoyant and jubilant interest in woodland, and whilst standing-talking amongst the lofty Oaks and Beeches at Holders, a spiritual  connection often arises as we look skyward, impressed by the dimensional heights and the cathedral-like perpendicular architecture, which has held humans captivated for a hundred thousands years and more. It's a primitive 'down to earth' moment of reflection marrying thoughts of our existence through time, spacial distance, heritage and the present.

Details for joing in can be found by following this link -…