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Midsummer bioblitz at Stirchley Park

21st June 2016

Stirchley Park 1 hour bioblitz and a very pleasant evening  Check out the following link for a recent story of the above graffiti mural
BlackbirdWood pigeonPied WagtailWoody nightshadeWhite cloverRed CloverBroadleaf plantainRibwort plantainDaisyCreeping buttercupRye GrassYorkshire FogGrass sp x1Grass sp x1Sheperd’s purseCommon Lime x 2Plane x 6HawthornOak x1SycamoreElderSea Buckthorn x 3DandelionNettle


"In 2001, a research paper in the Journal of Applied Ecology found that 80 per cent of the hawthorn plants supplied by the UK horticultural trade in 1997 came from Germany or Hungary where plants are adapted to substantially different growing conditions."

Hedgerow info for Cannon Hill

Hedgelaying is a grand old autumn/winter practice for managing a hedge and is applicable for most broadleaf hedge types.
 The stem of each tree/shrub is partially cut, or 'pleached' near the base, this allows it to remain attached to the root  and laid to one side, prevented from grounding by the previous stem or a stake. The pleacher remains alive and new growth begins from the base the following spring

Beetles we have found and what do we know?


The River


Holders Woods survey June 2016

Great day in the woods
Hot sunny day, nicley shaded under the canopy of Beech and Oak

Bugs and beasts in the undergrowth

A better day couldn't have been wished for -  Plenty of activity in the woods to keep us enthralled, especially Tree Creepers and Woodpeckers.

Perhaps the star of the day was the Rhinoceros Beetle.

"Looking forward to further wildlife days in the woods" -

The lofty canopy  - "the woodland cathedral"

Highbury Heritage

Exciting prospects for Highbury - 
The recently formed Chamberlain Highbury Trust is planning an event for Heritage Week, September 11th 2016.

Check out their Facebook

Also National Heritage Week details can be found here  -

More details to follow but I've been planning my contribution along the lines of the following (work in progress)

A Heritage Walk The Oaks of Highbury Park (evoking the past)
A mapping walk ‘Between the Oaks’ of Highbury, linking the park today to the estate of Joseph Chamberlain and beyond to England in the reign of William III and Mary II. The Oaks in Highbury are the most common of the mature trees on siteThe oldest tree in the park is Oak (Circa 1693)There is a plantation of Millennium Oaks at Highbury Park planted in 1999-2000The Oak is often reported to support more species than any other UK treeThe walk features trees over a century old that were either in their prime during the e…