Highbury Woodland Wednesday December 16 2016

Highbury 16/12/2016
Alf Dimmock

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In the woods today at Highbury — in Birmingham, United Kingdom.
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David Ps How's the treetop walkway going?

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David Ps By the way, Highbury Orchard Community aim to do a bit more tree planting there tomorrow afternoon (1-3) for our Stick Around scheme, and on Sunday afternoon we're having a late afternoon cake & mulled juice celebration of the arriving solstice. Anyone wanting to join in can follow us on here, or get in touch by other means. Including just showing up!

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Liz Wright 4PM for cake and juice. 1PM for work if you fancy it.
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another fair coppice

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Another fair coppice — in Birmingham, United Kingdom.
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David Ps I see a whippet running to catch a hare, except the hare is riding the dog's back.
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David Ps Or isit the tortoise riding the hare's back?
Terry Quinn I would definitely read the label of your next bottle mate! lol4 hrs
David Ps 5.2% No lie. Or are you thinking of the homemade hooch? Fermented hazel sap.
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Terry Quinn Now that's what I call Hooch!
David Ps Better if not too many people know about that recipe...
Terry Quinn Yep! keep 'em on the Silver Birch juice!
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David Ps Did Alf tell you I spotted a buzzard flying through the orchard today?
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Terry Quinn David Ps Yes David, and we also spotted a Raven! So it would seem that the balance has been brought back!


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