A beautiful morning at Centenary Woodland 16th April 2014

The hedgerow leading to Centenary Woods, laid in 2010 and flourishing with Alder Buckthorn, providing a food plant for the Brimstone Butterfly

Guelder Rose (Viburnam opulus) planted in the woods 2011

Guelder Rose flowers just developing


The old oak (around 250 years old)

A wet flush, of which there are many.

Herb Bennet or Wood Avens

Japanese knotweed (uprooted)

Cow parsley

Wild garlic

The southern edge of the woods bordering Moor Green Allotments

South of the woods

A tree nursery, planted winter 2013-14 with trees from the Woodland Trust
including, Rowan, Elder, Dog Rose and Hazel

One of the veteran Apple trees

A dead Apple tree; many of the Apple trees require pruning

Woodland thinned during December 2013

Dead hedges resulting from the brash arisings from tree felling

Bluebells in the woods, although they are Spanish and will be eradicated as part of the management .
English Bluebells will then be planted


Spencer's Hedge

A seasonal image



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