Siskin (image taken from

We certainly chose the best day for the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch; as I write, (26th) it's cold, breezy and very wet, and not conducive to bird-watching.

Saturday 25th, however was perfectly fine and I hope the new bird-watchers attending our event will come back for more. One 7 year old brought his parents out for their first family bird-watching event, and although the one hour recording session had moments of bird absence we managed to create a bit of a list.

12 woodland species recorded

  • Robin x 6
  • Crow x 10
  • Blackbird x 3
  • Wren x 1
  • Great Tit x 2
  • Magpie x 6
  • Siskin x 12
  • Sparrowhawk x 1 female
  • Blue Tit x 2
  • Bullfinch x 1
  • Nuthatch x 1
  • Wood Pigeon x 3
The highlight being the 12 Siskins feeding high in the Alders, deserting their post briefly as a female Sparrowhawk soared above, only to return a few moments later as said raptor moved on.

Work began on the 24th with the thinning of Hornbeam and Cherry on the eastern side making an immediate environmental impact.


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