Hidden History of Highbury with Mary-Ann Ochota

Mary-Ann Ochota is an archaeology writer and TV presenter who's worked on Time Team, Britain's Secret Treasures and Ancient Impossible. Her new book, Hidden Histories: A Spotter's Guide to the British Landscape arms the landscape spotter with the information to explore the archaeology & history of the British countryside 

Alf Dimmock is a Senior Park Ranger for Birmingham City Council, and is the resident expert on the history and wildlife of Highbury Park.

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Historic features of Highbury Park -

  • Bronze aged burnt mound - 
  • Mediaeval ridge and furrow (open field system)
  • The ancient Yew (Possibly 12th century)
  • The Henburys estate and farm (established by the early 18th Century)
  • Dad’s Lane Farm
  • Hedgerow (early enclosures)
  • The Great Oak (C1690)
  • Kings Norton Enclosures Act of Parliament 1772
  • The Railway 1837
  • Highbury house and estate from1878
  • The Highbury crucible wall


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