Cannon Hill Meadow
10.00am January sunburst across the meadow at Cannon Hill. Deep midwinter and mid morning beams stirring the undergrowth.
Brockley Grove

Here I briefly sunbathed with a squirrel as a male Sparrowhawk glides through in hunting mode. The crows stir.

Perhaps it's a youngster as little else seems concerned.

Brockley Grove was once a garden area, between the 1940's and 70's, now it is overgrown and lush, providing good and largely undisturbed cover. 

Badgers abound and the sett is prominent.
Brockley Grove vegetational density
January 20th 2017; a winter's day with frost and blue skies, and enough sunburst to spark the garden and woodland birds into territorial song. 
It's a mixture of dense hawthorn, hazel coppice and regenerating oak scrub, amongst coarse grassland thus providing a rich mix of feeding and shelter opportunity to many birds

Here we hear and see bullfinches abundant together with a variety of other woodland species. 
Brockley Grove scrub, woodland and grassland
The Brockley Oak complete with coding for 'crown reduction'

Today's list included - 
  1. Bullfinch
  2. Blackbird
  3. Nuthatch
  4. Great Spotted Woodpecker
  5. Stock Dove
  6. Magpie
  7. Crow
  8. Blue Tit

The Brockley Oak with winter sun


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