Bird ringing at Centenary Woods 22nd October 2014

Dan's report

Evening all, Many thanks for your help this week. I did fear the Jay was going to be our only catch at Burbury Brickworks but fortunately some late arrivals bumped the totals up. Then after a drop in temperature on Tuesday we had a fantastic session at RSPB Cannon Hill Park which included good numbers of Goldcrest and Coal Tit. Please see session summaries below:

 RSPB Cannon Hill 22/10/2014

 Blue Tit    13        4            17
 Great Tit   10        4            14
 Long-ta Tit 7        1              8
 Coal Tit      2         6             8
 Goldcrest    8         -              8
 Nuthatch     2        3              5
 Bullfinch     2        1              3
 Magpie       1         -              1
 Chaffinch    1         -              1
 Robin          1         -              1
 Treecreeper 1          -             1
 TOTAL     48       19            67

 Two of this years Blue Tit pulli were caught at Cannon Hill Park - one from Cannon Hill Park itself and the other from Holders Wood (approx. 1km South).

All other recaptures originate from the previous ringing meets of Autumn/Winter 2013, Spring 2014. Thanks again for all your help and hopefully see some of you next week,


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