The RSPB Woodland contains some 'veteran' apple trees in the southeast corner, not particularly old, but survivors nevertheless for want of care; we are now planning some careful management of these trees together with the development of a tree nursery and orchard alongside.

This work will compliment any future management as part of an NIA, which should begin 2014.

For Winter 2013-14 NIA planning and work will take place at both the nearby Queen Mothers Plantation - 150 meters southwest of the RSPB Woodland and the RSPB Woodland

NIA = Nature Improvement Area

Plans for RSPB Woodland over the next 6 months -

  • November - Submit NIA proposal to the Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trust Board; 
  • National Tree Week 2013, beginning 23rd November - develop tree nursery at south east corner of RSPB Woodland, plant trees supplied by Woodland Trust in nursery.
  • December 2013 - B&BCWT begin consultation and publicity to engage local communities and Friends of CHP
  • January - March 2014 - work begins on woodland, 11 workdays including 6 public involvement days and a half term Woodland activity day.
  • March 2014 - Public woodland event
Continuation of woodland management at both Queen Mothers and RSPB.

Rationale - 
The woodland was planted in 1989 along with many other plantations around Birmingham.

To further aid the biodiversity of the woodland, thinning approximately 1/3 of the trees will allow existing trees to develop the canopy and increase light levels to allow for the development of improved ground flora.

In the process a large amount of dead wood will be generated and used to create dead-wood habitat piles and hedges; these are essential for providing shelter for many species of birds, small mammals, amphibians and invertebrates - thus improving food-chain prospects for predatory creatures such as Tawny Owl, Sparrowhawk, Fox and possibly weasel.


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