The first fledglings of 2013 are well versed now in survival technique and increased activity is noticeable in the RSPB woodland.

Great Tits seem to have done well with many noisy youngsters still demanding attention from ragged parents, perhaps looking to start another brood.

Robins, likewise, in good numbers with youngster inheriting the cheeky but endearing qualities of their parents.

Around 10 new boxes were added this year by Dan from Birmingham University and I'm hoping for an update sometime soon regarding successes of failures.

The woodland is currently in its prime for the year with large swathes of Cow Parsley taking advantage of increased light levels brought about by management over the past three winters.

The central (single) Oak has been submitted to 'treezilla' and all of my submissions can be found via this link -

I'm hoping to map or at least encourage others to map all of the aged and veteran Oaks around Selly Oak and Hall Green.


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