During the past week two groups and a work experience student have been busy with the Rangers at the RSPB plantation, one of the groups from HSBC and one from the Bridge Centre in Moseley, both of whom will be there again this Thursday.

Work has begun at the top of the site, cutting back overgrown laurel and blackthorn and also along Spencer's hedge and more coppicing work continued to provide dead hedge habitat and a variety of other products.

Woodland work experience student Tommy gets to grips with 'snedding' using a 'southern counties' billhook

These photos show the current barrenness of the woodland floor, no ground cover at all, and this will change next spring as increased light levels encourage new ground growth. This particular willow shaded out a large part of the area. The willow has been pollarded rather than coppiced, thus adding a mid layer of new growth also to be revealed next spring.

There's light


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